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Corporates need well-thought-out innovation strategies to avoid disruption 

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Ignoring the threat of disruption is a big mistake for any business.  To continue to grow and develop in new and profitable ways, you need to have a well-thought-out innovation strategy.

We are fervent supporters of collaboration and strategic partnerships.  It is in working with others, probing each other’s ideas and questioning assumptions, that true progress is made.

A cogwheel only becomes a gear when it’s in contact with another one.  Together, they generate more power than either could alone. 

We have a deep appreciation for the problems faced by start-ups, the needs of senior executives to reach attain objectives, and technical developments. Business Innovation Consulting understands your differing needs and priorities.  We can get you the maximum return with the least grief using the experience of working with all of you.  We are your balance wheel.


About Us

Our goal is to help leverage entrepreneurial ideas of early and growth-stage businesses that create value for new ventures and their investors that improves their probability of success, accelerating growth and achieving both higher financial and strategic returns.

Our strategy has proven effective for corporates and startups spanning all sectors bringing an alternative perspective through a combination of applied research knowledge and extensive experience.

about us

Our Services

Sometimes, a problem needs to be solved from the outside.  A fresh pair of eyes can identify, define, and develop a robust solution.

At Business Innovation Consultanting, we are keen to help companies large and small to develop their full potential.  We help them to reduce risk, accelerate growth and improve returns, and deliver in the shortest possible time.


Conduct innovation audits unlocking opportunities to maximise your innovation strategies.


Conduct brainstorming workshops to help you prioritise and develop innovation strategies.


Provide evidence-based client research to provide deep insights into issues, trends, etc.


Help small to medium-sized companies set up and run a lean corporate innovation capability.


Provide a matchmaking service that brings corporates with start-ups together. 


Provide business and digital transformation advisory and consulting services. 


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